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Vision, Mission, Values & Strategic Intent

Ever heard of Warren Buffet? He's quite successful and has a great website:

We are paying homage, in Times New Roman font, that some of us remember was the default for Microsoft Word, before they started dancing with Calibri.

Someone once told us we were lucky. Why? We remembered what it was like before smart phones! Or to put it another way, before mass internet automation and global connectivity. But that's a good thing right? One of our grandfathers, who lived until he was 99, moaned that he was beset with "other people's problems", through TV, Radio and Newspaper. So our take is yes it's great, if you can cut out the noise and let's just say, no if you can't. ​

See that guy above. He doesn't work for us, he's a model from an internet photo site.

So there's a positive, it's easy for a business to look good now. But what about the substance?

In the new world of snowflakes and hailstones, you have to look right to fit in? Not offend anyone? And massage everyone's senses with Social Media? Your brand values need to match your corporate values and goals? Need 10 top tips for growth?

More and more of us think there's something not so wholesome with following that kind of route so dogmatically, and want to break away to think and act differently. They used to call it joining a "skunk works". Now, the word "accelerator" seems more acceptable.


And here's the rub, we believe what really matters is your ability to think, then your agility to focus and implement value. It's what marketing calls "real differentiation".

It's nearly 2020, and it's all been done before, revolving upwards in ever decreasing circles.

Really? The quantum scientists are proving that we create are creating our realities through our consciousness or do we even slipstream to possible parallel dimensions. Why not craft yours the way you really want it to be through your business and lifestyle? ​

There, we said it. Life's too serious to take seriously and so is a business that's not going where you you want it to.

Sure it's financial but what about the non-financial flow of creativity that drives you?

We need to rediscover the seed of why we went down our career path in the first place or started doing that something that made us earn a living from our original business idea. 


As we are maturing we now get sent brochures with pictures of yachts, early retirement and breaking news that by focusing on your investments, abundance will follow. To us it's the opposite. As we get older we need less and less and we value our health, well-being and spiritual development more (unless a little one is at University of course!).  Mid life crises 1,2 & 3 are behind us.   


We believe material thinking doesn't motivate and that never got anyone really very far if you think about it...Steve Jobs, Richard Branson? Really rich, really focused on the cash? No, of course not. Alan Sugar? Well, even he's softening.

Even if you don't consider yourself that ambitious or in it for the "lifestyle", just by reading these words so far, you know there is more to life, you and your potential.

We are Omni.​​ We are different. We hope that you will enjoy working with us and can forgive us for our tongue-in-cheek observations. Maybe you'll even give us some more. That would be nice.

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