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Our core experience is built from supporting Owner Managed businesses and their funding partners, where we have experience in excess of 100 interventions. We drive change by building your commitment, competency and ability to communicate, reinforcing confidence in your business. If this sounds like fun, you are right. Straightforward? No. The key sectors we work in are listed below.

Manufacturing & Engineering

We have experience in multiple sectors and niches, often operating within complex stakeholder structures and value chains, including composites, consumer products, engines and gensets, electrical engineering, energy, fabrication, forging, injection moulding, machining, prototyping, marine systems, off highway, offshore systems, oil & gas, plastics, packaging, technical products, pressing, railway track-side & rolling stock, water & utilities.

Technical & Digital

Omni drives the growth of niche companies, often through partnership or technology commercialisation. A wide range of experience includes pipeline cleaning tech, marine systems, enterprise software, enterprise visibility, customer journey management, reporting software, knowledge management systems, computer gaming SDK plug-ins and mobile app development. 

Professional Services

The service sector is an excellent fit for Omni as scaling largely depends on ambition, focus and business development. We have worked with a diverse range of businesses: Recruitment, Legal, Accountancy, Coaching, Leadership, Personal Development and Consultancies. If you want to scale your practice, restructure, or add new products or services, we are just a call away.

Corporate Finance & Investment

We are experienced in working with the corporate finance, private equity and the large/public listed company space working on specialist projects such as commercial due diligence, market analysis, customer research, value building and M&A support. We are particularly skilled in quickly diagnosing and action planning new strategies to enable the growth path to continue.

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