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Omni has a track record of supporting double or even triple level revenue growth from deploying scalable Business Strategies. Our methodology is built from a lifetime of knowledge working with hundreds of companies across multiple sectors in every continent. We are with you for the long haul, often committing engagements over several years to help you achieve your goals. We work throughout the strategy cycle : Review, Plan and Execution.

Our simple, yet sophisticated Omni Growth Engine  is unique, logical and highly personalised to your situation, following core principles of Shareholder Value Building,  Problem Solving, Business Planning Strategic Marketing and Strategy Execution. Are you curious?

Our Growth Engine offers three distinct access points; 

• Problem Laser

• Value Builder

• Market-led growth 

Problem Laser

Do you have a burning business issue that needs manipulating with laser-like precision? It maybe an under-performing business unit, a revenue plateau or sheer inertia? Or perhaps even something as simple as building a team mentality around a business growth path?

We are experts in quickly diagnosing blockages and constraints to growth by applying years of experience ​to diagnosing problems inside and external to your organisation, for example with your customer base, legacy markets or impacts of new regulatory drivers. By forming and following an aggressive recovery plan around key issues and keeping your team on-board, we help you to quickly get back on track.    

Value Builder

Omni will support transformation of your business by;

• Matching your growth road-map and business plan to activities that directly maximise your business value/multiplier
• Driving business actions that enable you to substantially outperform your market sector
• Analysing and in-filling action gaps against the cycle of starting, building, scaling and exiting a company
• Identifying critical financial and non-financial success factors fundamental to balanced scaling 
• Building your personal energy, confidence and capacity to perform 


This will help you to;

• Move towards achieving your ultimate lifestyle goals

• Ensure that the business operates independent of its leadership personalities and is fundamentally saleable 
• Develop your ‘transformation triangle’ : commitment, competence, and ability to communicate

Crystallise your business strategy with data, not just opinion

• Recapture time to focus on growth and business value building

• Continually Improve 

• Optimise your business governance
• Focus efforts on your critical success factors

• Make it easier to work away from your comfort zone

• Maximise financial rewards from organic growth, acquisitions or divestment
• Implement Business Automation
• Activate Business Game-Changers
• Drive Innovation
• Unlock your people potential

Market-Led Growth

When the business plan has built the ambition and capacity for growth,  Omni applies practical marketing techniques to boost sales growth and enhance the customer journey. Our expertise stretches from Market Research right through to Outsourced Sales.

Sales & Marketing Planning

To re-invigorate or change your "go to market" offer:

• Market situation reviews

• Business situation reviews

• Generating growth options

• Business Model Canvassing

• Scenario Planning

• Critical Success Factors 
• Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
• Marketing Mix Planning:
        - Customers & Product
        - Market Channels
        - Pricing
        - Marketing Communications
        - Physical Evidence
        - Process
        - People

• Balanced Scorecards

• Business metrics
• Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures Cascades
• Bullet-proofing 
• Buy-in

Venture Management


To develop a new market or customer base:

•    Opportunity Identification
•    Business Modelling
•    Constraints & Risks
•    Partnerships
•    Technology
•    Internationalisation

•    Validation

Sales Process & Direction

To drive a continuous improvement mentality into the sales team:

•    Account & decision mapping
•    Countermeasure strategies
•    CRM deployment
•    Sales Pipeline Management
•    Sales Gap Analyses
•    Sales Goals/Metrics

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