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Recently winning and project managing Innovate UK funded competitions, we are skilled in deploying tried and tested, Design for 6 Sigma techniques, especially Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Voice of Customer (VOC). We can also support you in raising finance, industrial design and IPR protection. Count on us to mitigate your risks or to broker you the best commercialisation deal.

Technology commercialisation
Protecting IPR, taking products to market via licensing, spin-out or sale


Innovation process enhancement
We support you throughout your innovation lifecycle including implementation of Lean Product Development using Design for 6 sigma methodologies. Omni has deep experience in acting as a valued Voice of Customer (VOC) partner for Quality function Deployment (QFD) exercises or can manage the whole process for you.


Raising finance
Track record in raising private and public finance from European and UK sources including Innovate UK


Disruptive design thinking
Aimed at CEOs who need an adrenaline shot to think differently about the solutions and organisations they design


Industrial design
We focus on the needs of the user and human interaction. Omni are experts in managing your intellectual property and working in partnership with you to drive even the smallest spark of an idea all the way to market:
    • design research

    • industrial & engineering design

    • prototyping

    • supply chain

Our Industrial design approach perfectly compliments our Design for 6 Sigma thinking.

Risk management
Did you know that on average a company upon project start will commit a minimum 80% of project resources, even if the project fails?
How do we mitigate this risk?

     1. Develop “blue ocean” opportunities through disruptive thinking 
     2. Deeply validating the feasibility of the product or solution
     3. Facilitate simple processes that “design out” product or service issues before they impact quality 


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