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Our broader team is experienced in supporting Acquisitions, Divestment, Funding, Restructuring, Sale exits, Scale-Up & Turnarounds working alongside your professional advisers. Omni has particular expertise as a key member of commercial due diligence and investment ready business planning teams. We apply our business experience alongside your financial know-how in four areas:

a)    Companies :  Increasing Enterprise Value prior to a sale exit or leveraging a fairer purchase price

b)    Corporate Finance : Differentiating your proposition by applying mid-cap tools to small-cap deals

c)    PE & Fund Managed portfolios: Validating, protecting/growing investments and problem solving revenue plateaus
e)    Subject Matter Expertise : particularly in the Industrial, Technology, Energy, Off-Highway, Maritime & Power sectors


We have experience in supporting many areas of Corporate Finance directly and with partners; 

• Access to funding 

• Analysing potential acquisition targets
• Business growth dashboards and roadmaps
• Business Software Automation auditing

• (CDD) Commercial Due Diligence

• Customer Perception (Voice of Cusomer) 

• Data Room and Knowledge Management mobilisation
• Data mining
• Depth interviews

• Employee engagement

• End Market Insights
• Investment Management Presentations
• Investor Communication 
• Investment Teasers
• Investor Ready Business plans (5yr)
• M&A Practitioner liaison

• Market Research

• Market trend insights
• MBO Support
• Private Equity Liaison
• Restructure Proposals
• SME (Subject Matter Expertise)

• Stakeholder perception

• Strategy deployment frameworks
• Strategy Implementation (employed and interim)
• Strategic Marketing 
• Turnaround marketing strategy
• Value Stream Mapping  
• (VDD) Vendor Due Diligence


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