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Omni is unique. We are the only business growth support provider that can offer high quality, Investor ready qualitative and quantitative insight aligned to your lifestyle goals and a growth roadmap that directly maximises business value.

We are a full service agency, accredited to “Company Partner” standard by the Market Research Society. This is a high level endorsement, internationally recognised as a license to practice ensuring conformance to the latest research standards, codes of practice and privacy regimes such as GDPR.

We offer a complete range of services;

• Competitor Analysis
• Customer Analysis
• Concept testing
• Customer perception
• Customer satisfaction
• Depth interviewing
• Intellectual Property Evaluation
• Market audits
• Market size evaluation
• Market trend analysis
• Market structure mapping
• Market operation mapping
• Market testing
• M&A Analysis
• New product research
• Price sensitivity
• Stakeholder perception
• Technology Analysis
• Tracking studies
• Vendor Customer Due Diligence 
• Vendor Market Due Diligence
• Website testing including A/B anlaysis

MRS company partner
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