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Market Research Company Partner

Omni is extremely proud to be appointed as a Company Partner to the Market Research Society.

In Northern England we offer a quite unique service by being able to provide professional investor grade customer and market insights for Business Growth, Innovation or Corporate Finance while advising on business planning and practical scale-up steps with our #growthengine

James Thwaites, Managing Director of Omni Strateic commented, "Did you know that companies that conduct frequent research grow up to 12 times faster and can be twice as profitable as companies that do no research?" (sic

According to the Market Research Society website, "Company Partner Accreditation is the mark of research excellence. It demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to quality research and insight as well as keeping your business compliant, upskilled and competitive."

"MRS Company Partners receive preferential status in the market. Accredited companies are exempt from the restrictions of the BT Protect Service. MRS also ensures that Company Partners enjoy preference on key government and business rosters."







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