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Playing a Trump card in Pittsburgh, PA

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

View from the top of the "parking lot"

The global reputation of Omni Strategic in the technical business space was enhanced through a privileged invite to a 2 day major networking and strategy event while on-boarding John Gatto as a key US associate.

James Thwaites, Managing Director of Omni Strategic stated,

"People in the know are saying look what Trump does, not what he says!"

"The US is a booming at the moment with full employment, lower corporate taxes and radio ads for hundreds of new 'hires'."

"Pittsburgh is the new centre of the American oil and gas industry, centred around their largest exploration basin, the Marcellus shale field and is also a growing technology centre, with several top ranking universities including Carnegie Mellon and Penn State.

To be involved in networking and strategy sessions, shows Omni's intention to build a reputation stateside around our innovative #growthengine which focuses on a balanced approach to scale-up and business value maximisation.

The familiar mix of guests and associates at the networking event were drawn from a variety of industry sectors including private equity, oil and gas, data centres, private jets, metals, software and even stone masonry.






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