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Successful Coffee Product Test

It was "coffee time" at the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) in Sunderland on Valentine's day. We hope a superior reusable travel drinking experience will be commercially available soon!

Omni Strategic offer Innovation Management, Marketing, Market Research and Industrial Design/Product Innovation expertise, a unique combination in North East England.

Innovation & Market Research

It was great to get consumer feedback on new concept designs as part of an NEBIC funded project following design for 6 Sigma principles.

Omni Strategic is a Market Research Society Company Partner

Omni Strategic is a Company Partner Accreditation is the mark of research excellence. It demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to quality research and insight as well as keeping a business compliant, upskilled and competitive. Accredited companies are exempt from the restrictions of the BT Protect Service. MRS also ensures that Company Partners enjoy preference on key government and business rosters.

Market Research Society Code of Conduct

MRS members must adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct, Regulations and the associated disciplinary procedures. The Code, drawn up by researchers for researchers, helps to protect providers, buyers and respondents. It safeguards standards, promotes confidence and champions professionalism.

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